Madness: Mad Murderer

2017-09-12 18:39:23 by YellowBlood19

I am creating an animation which is practically Madness Characters playing Mad Murderer. Along with some special guests in my animation. Here are the characters:

  1. Kenamy (A special guest, gave him super speed for no reason. The sprites I have are old though.)
  2. Cethic (With Blud D. Mess in the animation, along with my OP character, she needs good luck to live.)
  3. Ellvis (Same as Cethic)
  4. SCP-173 (Don't know what that is? Search it up on the internet.)
  5. Black Matter (A character that is entirely made out of a combination of dark matter, and plasma. Created by me.)
  6. Agent Abomination (A abomination wearing a L337 Suit that barely has to attack to kill due to his ability to control shadows. Created by me.)
  7. Blud D. Mess (The man with the power of a blood god. I couldn't find any Blud D. Mess sprites, so I created my own.)
  8. XavierYT (My cousin that is trying to get his animations famous on newgrounds. I was teaching him how to animate IRL.)
  9. YellowBlood19 (I prefered to be called yellowblood19 for some reason, but I have the power to summon weapons, and to teleport.)
  10. SCP-096-ORI (Years after escaping the SCP Foundation, a demon ends up being chosen by the God of Madness to be the one to annihilate the A.A.H.W., and Project Nexus. With the powers of immortality, creation, destruction, and deletion, he is unfortunately the one that might kill us all in the animation [I am sorry D:], but it's better than being killed by a grunt, right? Created by me.)





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