All Madness Collab

2017-09-24 11:11:43 by YellowBlood19

I am creating a collab for all animators of Madness. The only requirement, is that you are using Macromedia Flash 8, and that you can animate madness, that is it. Soon as I am ready to release the collab, if you are unfinished, your animation will be not the collab, and you will not be given credits. When your animation is done, PM the .fla or .swf file to me, also, no nudity. If you are not using Macromedia Flash 8, then send a .swf only

The date when all your animations are required is October the 1st. If there is a lack of animations, the release date could be delayed.


  1. YellowBlood19 (3/4)
  2. chimbro (1/1)
  3. TinyTower10 (?/?)
  4. DJSans (0/2 or 3)
  5. Shadz64 (0/3 or 4)
  6. Ante45 (0/1)




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2017-09-24 13:40:23

Wait, can you use CS6? Cuz this is otherwise leaving out many different animators, only allowing those who are novices and use Macromedia, because most of the experienced animators use CS6 and Animate.

(Updated ) YellowBlood19 responds:

Can't use it, however, you can send .swf files, and I can check them out, and "inspect" them so I can copy off the files, and put it into the collaboration.


2017-09-24 13:50:57

Um ok haven't animated madness in a while but will join

YellowBlood19 responds:

Ok, message your animation to me when you are ready.


2017-09-24 18:14:45


YellowBlood19 responds:

y r u lolling for


2017-09-25 12:41:37

may i join

YellowBlood19 responds:

Sure. Just send in your animation when it's done.


2017-09-26 10:33:49

ill do 1 long clip

YellowBlood19 responds:

Ok, just send me your animation before October 1, 2017.